Make A Bionic Open Source Hand During A 3 months Residency At Fab Lab Berlin #OSHW #exiii_official

Enjoy this short video showcasing the latest work of Bionico at Fab Lab Berlin working on Exiii project and find the tutorial HERE, on My Human Kit plateform.


Ahmad Taleb, AKA “Magic Fingers”. Ahmad is known for his ability to fix everything broken. While living in his hometown in Syria, he made the 1st arabic 3D printer. He then became an entrepreneur. When the war escalated in the country he sold everything he owned to cross borders and looked for a job through the Fab Lab network. Fab Lab Berlin opened its doors to him. Ahmad was in charge of teaching me electronics and soldering.

Laszlo Sztana, AKA “All in one”. Originally from Hungary, born in Boston, lazslo spent 8 years in Brussels and 10 years in Ireland before moving to England, The Netherlands, San Francisco and finally Berlin. He is an industrial designer and taught me how to use Fusion 360, a CAD software and different 3D printers within the Fab Lab. He  3D modeled the socket that fit on my residual limb.

– Uli Maier, AKA “Deutsche Qualität”. Uli is the best orthosist prosthetist I know. It all started in September 2014 when I had the chance to meet him at the Ottobock Science Center Berlin. We then kept in touch until April 2016, when I started the residency at Fab Lab Berlin. He has made an essential contribution regarding the prosthetic aspect all along the project.

Yair Kira, AKA “Let’s try to focus guys”. Raised in a small village in Israel, Yair studied business and worked as a project manager. He then moved to Berlin, studied industrial design and started to work for Fab Lab Berlin. Yair brought a focused support to the team when we had a hard time to concentrate our efforts, making sure we were following the plan.

– Park Geun Woo, AKA “James Cameron” because he can make a documentary within a day. After a childhood in Korea, he moved in America and studied Fine Art in Brooklyn, New York. In 2013, he decided to move to Berlin and worked as a designer. He is now media manager at Fab Lab Berlin, documenting, always very precisely, projects and events. Park non only followed our process and directed the video while assembling the second Exiii hand.

Thanks to each of you for your patience and your time.

To be continued….

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