How To Eat Cookies With a 3D Printed Bionic Hand? #OSHW


After 2 months residency at Fab Lab Berlin, we finally made it: To make the open-source myohand Exiii using a 3D printer. Ahmad Taleb and Laszlo Sztana are the 2 technicians helping me to 3D print, assemble the parts, solder the components and the electronics. We also have support from Uli Maier, prosthetist at Ottobock who advised us regarding the socket and the wirst adaptation to plug the hand on my socket. So the really cool thing is that I can unplugged my daily use Ottobock Varie speed hand to use the 3D printed Exiii one. It is still fragile, slow, with restricted force, but eating with the hand I handmade made the cookie taste sooooooooooo delicious and this sentence a bit funny;-)! Also the Exiii hand is definitely good to tap on the keyboard of the computer because I uses the index instead of the thumb and the position of my arm is more natural. It is also possible to tie lace.

Well…..not there yet, but each time a little bit closer……patience:-)

(German philosophical way of thinking for an impatient French man in Berlin)

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