Buen apetito con pizza Giorgio

Since Gaëtan, a student in mechanical engineering, has started his internship at My Human Kit with the purpose of « 3D print of a socket for a myohand », things are getting done!

gaetan parisot

Before getting into all the electronic stuff such as connecting an electric hand, choosing the right battery, how to charge it with a smartphone chargor blabla…

He started with the conception of simple things like a pizza cutter, a smartphone holder, a plectrum to play guitar and so on… and in order to connect everything on the socket (let’s call it the shoe of the residual limb), he started to 3D scan my limb.

Once the 3D scan is edited in a software (like MeshMixer), the file is imported into a CAD software. Gaëtan, who is used to Fusion 360 (a non open source, but free CAD software) conceived a 3D model of a simple socket, in which he included to the top a simple dovetail joint mechanical link (previously made by the team ‘Clem’Hand » of INSA Rennes).

If you are interested in making this for a friend, you can follow this tutorial from Autodesk.


Soon on our Wiki, you will be able to find the .STL files of:

  • Dovetail joint (socket part)
  • Dovetail joint (pizza slicer holder)
  • Brace system holder


And if you can’t wait because you love pizza so much, contact us:-)!

Buen apetito !

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