India: TechFest Mumbai (Bombay)2, 3, 4 january 2015

Logo_of_Techfest,IIT_BombayPour lire en français, cliquez ici

TechFest is an international, annual science and technology festival organized by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Bombay, India.

We are going there together with Gaël Langevin –InMoov- thanks to the French embassy.

Gaël will present his open source human size 3D printable robot, Bionico will present his open source myo-prosthesis project:

TechFest– 2013 started in France the Bionicohand project
– 2014 started in Russia at Geek Picnic festival (Bionico in Moscow a 26min documentary, soon Russian and English subtitles). Since that, the company can-touch we met there released a low cost myoelectric hand for amputees.
We also went to Makers Faire in San Francisco (another really good documentary. starts at 1:01:40), New-York, Paris and Roma.
– 2015 is tarting in India, maybee some universities and companies will start to work together on the topic of making low-cost but reliable prosthesis, with utopia that anyone can learn and « health to all ».
– 2016, let’s meet in Alaska for the Penguins meeting?

2015 plan:

Turn your weakness into a strenght!:-))

Happy, merry, crazy new year!

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