Pop-Up Lab at LeWeb


The 2 days at salon LeWeb in Paris have been very positive, we met lots of start ups interested in our open source prosthetic hand project. They gave us advices on creating a business model with open source.
But the best was the Pop Up Lab we were part of and organised by Makery. Our neighboors were hackerloop, some really crazy youpy groovy goody buddy hackers!!!: See some pictures here!

– They put a blend micro bluetooth shield as a remote on the hand
– plugged D out 0 and D out 1 from the blend micro to Rx and Tx of the arduino
– The laptop (new mac generation using bluetooth 4) was the interface between the bracelet and the blend micro.
– With their magic fingers on the keyboard, they took off the unlock function on the Getmyo method of control because I am a hand amputee and can’t do the double flick (thumb to middle finger/ring finger) that allows you to unlock the bracelet.
– I was able to control the hand through the Getmyo using 2 positions (open and close): Good response, comfortable, easy to use.

What we want to do now is to adapt this fonctionality on the InMoov hand 2 with proportionality (control the speed of the hand)

The Hackerloop connection at pop up lab at LeWeb
The blend micro bluetooth sield plugged into the arduino

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