Open source communication for a new wrist disconnect/coupler:

L. Sutton, A. Clawson, T.W. Williams, J. Lipsey, and J. Sensinger, “Towards a universal coupler design for modern powered prostheses”, M.E.C., University of  New Brunswick, 2011.


10 juin 2014

The wrist is continuing to progress.  As far as I know it has not become a commercial product yet, but a number of the prosthetic manufacturers are involved in the development.  The goal is to design a disconnect that is different than the existing design (originated by Otto Bock) that would allow for a stronger connection.  As you know with your hand, it is easy to rotate the hand at the wrist.  A powered (or locking) wrist can only be as strong as the force it takes you to spin it.

Liberating Technologies, Motion Control, RIC, and UNB (and I think also Steeper and Touch Bionics)  have all been involved as the design progresses.  If you are interested in learning more, I would suggest contacting Jon Sensinger who was at RIC and has moved to UNB.  


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