Thank you a lot for your supports! They made us feel good and usefuf about what we want to do!

We are not laureates of the Google Impact Challenge, but still we are winners: we were in the 10 finalists selected among 280 non-profit organizations and we receive 200 000 € in addition to a support to start our project.

The Bionico story (DIY bionic prosthesis) is still going on, and we are proud that the 1st prototype we made is going to the Musée de l’Homme in Paris (just beau la Tour Eiffel!) for a permanent exhibition.

What’s next? A new page, its title: My Human Kit.

Chapter 1: Get together the partners to raise enough funds
Chapter 2: Remunerate people to keep on developing solutions for disability
Chapter 3: Document, share, let them test and validated by disabled people
Chaper 4: Open a working space to welcome and go for with other people who want to fix themselves

Turn up your limitations into motivations 😉

                                                 (Brazilian quote, August 2015)

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