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logo-MITBionico Social Innovation has been rewarded in 2015 by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), but can you explain why?
– Because we believe in the fresh utopia that health concerns everyone ; that knowledge sharing and collaboration can help rebalancing the different countries, and thus create more equality.
– Because a person taking positive actions toward his own handicap can transform what made this person ashamed into a  » point of interest » or a « curiosity ». It can also help recovering the lost sef-esteem. We call it « handicapowerment » down here …

Such as Nicolas Huchet, who had his hand amputated and who made himself a prosthesis using a 3D printer, right?
– Actually, Nicolas has not invented anything! He found the open-source in 2012 (communities on the internet that shares knowledge without even knowing each others), and this trigger event made him want to change his future. He surrounded himself with a team encountered in a FabLab (Open Source Fabrication Laboratory), and collaborated with the project InMoov (an open source robot). Nicolas is like a « clan leader » on the project. This community really helps him to move forward and reach his dream : Make an artificial hand that can benefit others. The teamwork itself should be highlighted, such as the teamwork of Mickael Jordan made to win the NBA season in 1993-94, you understand?

Yeah okay, but there are already disabled people who do that, right ?!
– Yes, and they are right to do so, and our desire is to assist those who would do the same, as well as sending the message to our neighboring countries.

What is the start-up you created like?
– In fact we have an association called My Human Kit, which is 1 year old and we need financial support to continue the adventure. We do not like to ask, but the truth is that if we want to do what we say, we do need some means, and especially some people who would have time to help.

How much did you win through the MIT prize ?
– Nothing ! It is a recognition from a great American institution, but it is more like a support that we would like to share with everyone involved one way or another into the adventure ( in St Didier Saint-Petersburg). Thank you!

Is there anything you want to say?
– Gandhi says: Be the change you want to see 😉

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