Paris : Meeting with InMoov (English version)

Atelier Factice et Laboratoire InMoov

InMoov is the first open-source robot which is entirely 3D printable and is free to download. The project Bionicohand was born thanks to its discovery on the web-site

The encounter with Gael Langevin, the creator of the robot, at the Numeric Party of Rennes in June 2013 (Tu Imagines? Construits!) promoted the project rapidly. Our collaboration grew up since then through mail and telephone, so finally we met again at the Maker Faire in Rome and the Geek Picnic festival in Moscow. Now we hope to go to Brazil together someday! I met him in Paris in his laboratory and saw what Gaël does in his “real life » when he is not busy working at his robot.

The 3 printer that makes the robot InMoov

In fact, Gaël is an artist-sculptor who works for famous brands (Chanel, Dior…). His work concerns sculpting/designing objects; he constructs and mixes materials to take their pictures and use them for advertising afterwards. Here you may see a few examples of his works:


water projection

LAbel 5

The most difficult here was to cut the bottle in 2 parts.

He was lucky to paint on the legs of that woman
The museum: The creations since he started (there is lots of them everywhere!)

To resume, by making an open source printable robot, he strikes back in his way the empire of publicity that wants to sell us everything.

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