Impact/Handicap&Numeric Lorient/Geek Picnic Russia

google_impactjournalismDAYIt looks like it is the year of impact for the project:
– We have been selected to the Impact Journalism Day, it means that journalists will give our message in the world, and it is the goal, thank you very much for spreading the word!
– We are participating to the Google Impact Challenge France competition:
What would we do with that money?
Remunerate engineers (mecatronicien, electronicien, mechanical designer) to transform our prototype into a real robust and beautiful prosthetic hand, and a media manager to get in touch with amputees. We also want to set up our Handilab project that will allow disabled people to fix themselves! Our message is: handicapowerment.

The hackaton Handicap&Numeric in May in Lorient was a blast! You can see on this video that I am controling the Open Bionics hand thanks to a brace on my hand! It is not magic, it is just a Getmyo bluetooth brace with a lot of sensors inside, and when I contract my arm the sensors send the signal to hand so it can move. By the way I am able to do 3 different moves! It is a kind of remote control let’s say. If you want to know more, we created a page with different links and a github

We are at the very famous Geek Picnic festival in Russia (Moscow & Saint Petersburg) to talk about the project and share ideas. This family festival mixes, innovations, arts, robotic, cyborgs, disability, steampunks, hipsters….It’s our 3rd time at GP and I am thinking about getting a permanent Visa because I like it very much here;-). This video (august 2014) was made on our free time during last GP in 2014 and we are sorry this is only in French, if you would like a version in English, please contact us

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