Geek Picnic Saint Petersburg August 2014 (Eng)

The Bionico team  (Nicolas Huchet, Thomas Meghe and Thomas Mortier) will be welcome by the Geek Picnic festival the 9th and 10th of august in Saint Petersburg to present the latest evolutions on the bionico’s hand:
– Possibilty of 3 movements (power grasp, pinch, index)
– LED indicator of the movement
– Less batteries (5 LR6 1,2Volt rechageable= +5Volt for the ardunio board, actuators and the sensors. One 9V battery for the -5V of the sensors)
– A new socket more comfortable (thank you to Aude Roinson and Perron Tortay Orthopédie)
– The back of upholstery nails placed on the skin to get the muscle contraction sent to the muscle sensor. This solution is much less paintful compared to the electrodes I had to unstick all the time!
InMoov will be over there to present his legendary robot and we both participate to a talk about open source and cooperative work.

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