Thursday 25th of October in Madrid (conference 12min) at OuiInnovNi6PtHJA_400x400

– From the 13th to the 23rd, we were in Montreal and New-York with Thomas Meghe from Labfab and Richard De Logu from BUG , here is what happened.

EchoRap, the open source 3D printer developped by the EchoFab

We met Communautique who created a FabLab called EchoFab in the heart of the innovation centre of Montreal. We would like to cooperate on projects with them concerning health, agriculture and environment.

The concept of this machine is to recycle plastic, throw all the used 3D printed stuff and it will make a new one

Then, we headed to New-York and visited the CSI, the Centre for Social innovation. You have a good idea, need a network, some help, want to do a crowdfunding or give some visibility to your skills? Go there. It’s like a cantine numérique in France, but in New-York.

We ended up to the hall of science to the Maker Faire in New York, despite our proto wasn’t working, we won a prize. Thank you Mike Senese!photo-5

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