Zoe’s 1 week work experience

Throwback to October 2013 when I went to the Maker Faire Rome. Over that weekend, I met Jessica Cobb from Mission Control Lab. Maker, globetrotter, artist, teacher (who I met up with in Chicago in May 2014, in Rennes in July 2014 and ran into at the FabLab in Berlin in May 2015… international sister!), Jess is enthusiastic and tireless!

Jess Cobb

Over the same weekend, Jess met Jill Hodges and her daughter, Zoe Magnelia. Jill is the founder of Fire Tech Camp, a tech day camp for kids (9-17) where they can learn to create video games, create mobile apps, create a website, code in python and java and much more…

Recently, Jess put me in touch with Zoe, a 16 year old high school student from London who has previously attended the french Lycee in London, because she wanted to do a work experience in the world of makers, bionic hands, etc… Within her skillset, Zoe already speaks several languages and is punctual and autonomous. She passed her bionic hand control exam !:-)

Today, 19th October 2017, Zoe is finishing up her four day work experience and it is thanks to her that you can read these lines and other articles in english.