Viva le French Tech in USA!

Boston French TechA week « complètement fou » for the French Innovators -35

Bionico (My Human Kit) spent the 1st week of november in Boston along with Mathieu Nebra (Open Class Room), Romain Lacombe (Plume Labs) and David Cohen-Tanugi. Valentin Pelissier (Business France) and Carmen Boronat (Opinno) accompanied them for this business trip by representing la French Tech during EmTech (conferences on the new entrepreneurs and emerging technologies) at MIT Media Lab in Boston.

In addition to the two and a half days of conferences, the four Frenchies discovered; the CIC 1 Broadway, a concentration of entrepreneurs over 14 floors, visited Mass Challenge, a project accelerator, discover French Tech Hub who helps French companies to be implanted in USA, had a lunch with the French delegation, received a coaching session from Mint Green, visited the start up Superpedestrian, got advice from Business Angels at Venture Café….no problems sleeping at night…. It was a rewarding week of professionnal and relational point of views, which gave ideas and helped develop them by confronting them with opposing views, because My Human Kit is not a start up but a non-profit organisation.  Our project is innovative because it wants to make technology accessible and useful through education and social integration. Currently we are not selling a product, but rather « putting the pieces of the machine together, and put in on right track » in other words:

  • Gather the last financial partners
  • Define our positions
  • Achieve our goals set with the Google foundation

    That said, we do not want to be dependent on grants and are seeking our financial autonomy in the future. This week in Boston will have been learning « American ». You realize how much time is precious , every minute counts , and that during the presentation of your project , you must be brief , clear and explain your uniqness. Thank you for the French Tech this week and especially Valentin and Carmen.

Le CIC 1 Broadway à Cambridge
Meeting with Asaf from Superpedtrian and Matt from D-Lab specialized in wheelchairs.


With thirty new contacts, it was necessary to change some ideas. So I visited our friend Jimmie Rodgers ( met in Rennes in June 2013 ) who works in Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, just near Boston. It is an open workspace for makers , start-ups, artists , teachers, or anyone in need of machinery to complete a project. A member based non-profit maker space of 3.800m2 .

Artisan's asylum

Back to the beginning of the month:

Le Bal de l’Innovation Sociale organised by SOS. In addition to present the project, I was able to play along with l’Orchestre de Montmartre (Rehab, Le Brio, Let’s Dance). I love rock’n’roll!
Ted X Paris was a blast! Ted X Paris 1st/11 at Théatre du Chatelet