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Like a sound you hear that is in your ear, music makes our journey. Here is some DJ or music program discovered on radios. I know, radios are what they are with their commercials, but don’t always turn it off and wait until late, sometimes there is good stuff, but only sometimes, it’s true. These links will make music radio a friend of yours again. What kind of music do you like? If your answer is that you like music that makes you feel, then you can listen to some of these links, good vibes, for sure.

Raffaele Constantino -Musical Box-Radio 2-Italia-(podcast &streaming)
A very good late at night music program discovered on a bionic trip to Pisa in October 2013:

Gilles Peterson -Searching For The Perfect Beat-UK-(live & streaming)
Worldwild music, discovered with the compilation In Brazil and on Radio Nova:

Laurent Garnier -It Is What It Is-Radio Meuh-France-(soundcloud)
Electro but also generalist, merci Gilou c’est toi qui m’as fait découvrir.

Donal Dineen -Small Hours-Today FM-Ireland-
The Small Hours were from 12am to 2am monday to friday, it made my nights in Dublin while some others were pubing, back in 2005. After 14 years the show stopped in 2011. Unfortunately it’s hard to find them on the net, but I saved some on my hardrive:

Stephan Karkowsky -Late Night Lounge-Radioeins-Berlin-(streaming)
Late night music, electro, chill, good

Then I also have my Shazams on Spotify:


Laughing is something you need to do 2 min a day to be happy, it is as healthy as the most vegan super bio dish you ever had. If the super biomarket is not close to you and you don’t feel like smiling today, maybe watching these videos will help: